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For my 30th birthday, after 11 years of having a beautiful home with my husband Enrique, my dog Marlon, and my cat Dorita, I decided to divorce and leave that life behind, because I wasn´t being honest with myself. When Enrique left the house, I stayed there alone, for 8 more months, while Marlon, Dorita and all those objects which I had compulsively collected during that chapter of life stared at me, grieving in silence. Awful silence. 10 months later, I put that life, my precious objects (oh objects!) into boxes, sold them, quit my job and kissed my animals goodbye, while they waited for their new owners to arrive the next day:(


I took a plane to NYC and made the decision that I wanted to become the Director of my movies.


Para mi cumpleaños Nº30, después de 11 años de vivir en una casa muy preciosa con mi marido Enrique, mi perro Marlon y mi gata Dorita, decidí separarme y dejar esa vida atrás.Cuando Enrique se fue de la casa, me quedé ahi 8 meses más, con mis animales y  objetos que compulsivamente coleccioné durante años, contemplando mi duelo en silencio. 10 meses después, puse esa vida y mis objetos (oh no! mis objetos...) en cajas y vendí/regalé todo. Renuncié a mi trabajo, besé a mis animalillos, diciendo hasta pronto, mientras esperaban que llegaran sus nuevos cuidadores:(

Me tomé un avión a NYC decidiendo que quería transformarme en la Directora de mis propias películas.

In a fog, out of money, leaving the city very soon, I was taking screenwriting courses at NYU, writing about the south of Chile... Everything felt so impossible and far away because all of my focus was on saying goodbye to NYC. It was towards the end of this journey that I began A HIGH LIGHT.As a goodbye and a thank-you gift for my friends, I decided to give away, in an act of farewell, some polaroids of objects from my former house in Chile that I had brought with me to New York, and record the process.Doing this, with so much love and attention, was the magic key. Without even noticing, the dense fog vanished and my life started to feel clear and warm as the sunlight.


It is wonderful how sorrows can be transformed into beautiful things.


En la neblina, sin plata, dejando Nueva York muy luego, haciendo unos cursos de guión en NYU y escribiendo acerca del sur de Chile...Todo se sentía tan imposible/inalcanzable...

Lo unico que me interesaba era despedirme de Nueva York que se chorreaba entre los dedos.  Fue en la ultima parte de este viaje que comencé a realizar A HIGH LIGHT.


Como regalo a los amigos lindos que hice en este capitulo, decidí entregarles, en acto de desprendimiento, unas  polaroids que andaba trayendo, de rincones de mi ex casa en Chile, grabando ese proceso. El haberlo realizado, con todo el amor y atención del mundo, fue la clave mágica. Sin darme cuenta, la neblina se disipó y mi vida comenzó a sentirse cálida y tranquila, como la luz del sol.




A LIGHT HIGH is a film project that begins in 2012 when Daniela Clementi starts recording her life between Chile and New York City, for 3 years with her camera.

She didn´t know exactly what she was doing, but she kept on doing it.

Big changes were happening in her life journey and capturing them hushed her spirit.

Now the film is ready, and the result is a bizarre audiovisual poem that dances between real life, original music and memories.


A LIGHT HIGH was proudly funded by Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform.


A LIGHT HIGH es un proyecto que comenzó el año 2102 cuando Daniela Clementi, su creadora, empezó a filmar su vida entre Chile y Nueva York, por 3 años con su camara.

Ella no sabía realmente lo que estaba haciendo, pero no podía evitarlo. Grandes cambios de vida estaban sucediendo y registrarlos fué la unica manera de apaciguar el espíritu.


Ahora la película está terminaada y el resultado es un poema audiovisual que baila entre la vida real, recuerdos y musica original. 

A LIGHT HIGH fué financiado por la plataforma crowdfunding KICKSTARTER. 










Is a composer, performer, and producer who leads the projects Orchestra Carbon, Terraplane, and Tectonics. He has pioneered ways of applying fractal geometry, chaos theory and genetics to musical composition and interaction. Awarded with the Berlin Prize in Musical composition in January 2015.


I met Elliott, just arriving in NY, 2013. Seated on a bench, I listened to his guitar and knew immediately that THIS was the guitar to go with for this story. So I asked him:

Elliott, can you help me with this?

4 months later, I had on my hands 15 songs, specially written, performed and recorded for my movie.


Conocí a Elliott, creador y compositor del soundtrack de este documental, llegando a NY, el 2013. Sentada en una banca, escuché su guitarra y simplemente supe que era LA guitarra que iba acompañar esta historia. Le dije:


¿Elliott, me ayudas con esto?

4 meses después, tenía en mi manos, 15 piezas musicales, especialmente creadas, interpretadas, y grabadas para mi película.


 A consummate DJ and promoter since the mid-90s, over the intervening 20 years Kimyon Huggins has risen again to renewed notice for his dedication in the area that set him on his journey. Originating in Ohio as the raves were starting to spread across the Midwest from their beginnings in Detroit and Chicago, Kimyon wasted no time in becoming involved in the burgeoning movement both as a DJ and as a promoter, starting in 1995 bringing in names like Derrick Carter, Suburban Knight and Rob Hood for early appearances. 


Consumado DJ y productor desde mediados de los 90s, luego de 20 años vuelve a dedicarse a lo que le hizo iniciar su viaje a NYC. Nació en Ohio y fue testigo de como las raves comenzaron a expandirse por el medio oeste de Estados Unidos, Detroit y Chicago.




 Is a dear friend that has multiple talents.

One of them is that he is a great musician and was happy to compose a couple of songs for the movie along with Andres Subercaseaux and Rockstar Studios.


Es un amigo con multiples talentos.

Uno de ellos es que es un gran músico y estuvo feliz de componerme un par de canciones para la pelicula, con la ayuda de Andrés Subercaseaux y Rockstar Studios.

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